Friday, August 28, 2009

My Little Girl is in Kindergarten

Last week my LeOra started kindergarten. Prior to her starting I was very sad to leave this chapter of our family, the one where they are all mine all the time, but she was so excited to start school that I couldn't help but get excited too. We bought school clothes earlier in the summer and she would look at them almost every day and get so excited to wear her new clothes and shoes. Then came the purchase of the backpack. I bought her an Aurora (Sleeping Beauty for those of you who don't keep up on the Disney Princesses) backpack and had her name monogrammed on it. She loves it and I love how the backpack is almost as big as her. She goes to afternoon kindergarten and her teacher is Mrs. Winters. LeOra really loves her teacher and talks about all her new friends everyday. On the first day I asked her what her favorite thing that she did in school was and she told me recess. That's my girl!
She seems so much older already. After two weeks I am discovering that the transition was not so bad and that it is kind of fun. Now I get to go on field trips and volunteer in her classroom. I volunteered last week and when I told her that I was going to be at school with her she gave me a discussed, are-you-serious kind of look. I told her that is was going to be so fun and she still didn't seem that thrilled. Then I told her I was going to go anyway and I wouldn't talk to her while I was there and I would just help the teacher. She was fine with that. She is already to big for her mom to be around all the time. LeOra has always been my independent child. So I went the next day and I think secretly she was glad that I was there. She gave me a smile from across the room and a hive five as she left the room for recess when we were all done.

Here are some pictures from the first day. She is definitely the biggest girl in her class. Shocking, I know!