Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little catching up.

So I know that I am way behind but here is an attempt to catch up a little bit. This is what we did in November. There are pictures of LeOra's Thanksgiving feast at school and our trips to Knott's Berry Farm and Arizona for Thanksgiving break. This is when we went to the zoo. If you look closely you will see RJ running by a little signs that says 14 on it. That was a speedometer, you know like the ones that you drive by that tell you how fast you are driving. We liked to run past it and see how fast we were going. After a good 30 minutes of everyone on the Ziegler side of the family doing this the record was a tie between RJ and Kreed with a top speed of 15 mph. I got 13 mph. Not bad! This was the most fun we adults had at the AZ Zoo. The kids got into it too. LeOra and Mackinsie are very fast!

We did go into the petting zoo and see lots of other animal exhibits but I have no pictures of those. Our camera is broken and so we just take pictures with our phones. Sorry!
There were lots of fun park days and playing in the AZ sunshine with cousins.

This picture was taken at church on my phone. We are teaching our kids a lot about reverence. At least she isn't making any noise. :0)

They loved eating otter pops and swinging on grandma pay's swing as well as roasting marshmallows on their fire pit.

The following pictures are all of Knott's Berry Farm. Again, not very many. I really need to get a good camera. I am realizing how few pictures I take now. Sorry grandma and grandpa.

LeOra's Thanksgiving feast at school. It was very cute. All the kids core costumes that they had made and ate on place mats they made with place cards and so many other cute Thanksgiving creations. I love her teacher.
I think there may be more pictures on RJ phone but they are not accessible right now. I will try and post them later. Hopefully by valentines day I will post about Christmas! ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lost tooth

It was very exciting here last night as LeOra lost her first tooth. It has been loose for a while and she had been wiggling it for days until finally it popped out last night. She quickly put it in an envelope and put it under her pillow so that she could have a visit from the tooth fairy. This morning she came running out of her room exclaiming, "Momma the tooth fairy came and I got two tickets."