Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Pictures

RJ bought the girls such cute Christmas dresses I had to take them to the studio to get pictures taken. Yes, I said RJ picked out the dresses. However, this experience reminded me how stressful getting pictures taken can be; timing three girls so that they are fed, rested and happy all at the same time is tricky. Not to mention the hair primping and then constantly worrying that they would mess it up. All the stress though worked out. The pictures are cute and the girls look adorable. (In my unbias opinion!)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Grandma Ziegler came to be with us and the girls were thrilled. They were at Grandma's side the whole time she was here. Christmas Eve started with us making Gingerbread Houses. I had no idea how to make them but luckily I married a man who is an expert. When I asked him if he had done it before, he replied simply, "Honey, I have made Gingerbread castles." Little did I know this about my husband. Then we had our fancy candlelit dinner of chicken cordon bleu (made from scratch). The company was delightful! Grandma got the girls all dressed up in some of their fancy Christmas dresses and did their hair. They were very excited for their dinner. Then we told the story of the Nativity with pictures and acting it out with the nativity figurines. Maybe next year we will take on acting it out ourselves! Finally each girls got to pick one present and open it just to make sure they are ready for the morning. The next morning, Mackinsie crawled in bed with us at about 7:30 while I was feeding Kirstin. I think her 2 year old brain forgot that it was Christmas. However, at 8:00 LeOra was up and she came running into our room yelling "Let's go wake up Grandma and see what Santa brought us." She did not forget. Then it was on to the present opening extravaganza. This was the first year that the girls just tore into their presents with out a prompt or help or asking. It was fun to see the excitement. LeOra got the Barbie Diamond castle doll and princess polly pockets with a prince that she asked Santa for. She also got some clothes and other fun toys. Mackinsie's favorite present by far is the make-up bag full of lip gloss from her cousin Ethan. (I think DeAnne had more to do with it.) In case you don't know, my little 2 year old LOVES lip gloss to say the least. She has had a nice thick layer of gloss and that bag in her hand since she opened it yesterday. Kirstin was more interested in the curly ribbon on her presents than the presents themselves. I think her sister's helped her unwrap while she played with the bows. Remind me again why we buy toys for babies and don't just give them the bows and boxes. After playing with our toys and taking a nap we were off to the Mankins house to play with their new toys. Luckily they got Rock Band and I am hooked. I am going to be really good this year so that Santa will bring that to me next year. It is so fun! RJ even got into it. That was our fun filled Christmas holiday. We loved spending time with family. Most of all, I love Christmas Eve when we retell that special story of the Nativity next to our brightly lit Christmas tree. I am grateful for the birth of our Savior, the example and teachings He gave us during His mortal ministry and His death, which provided for us a way to be with Him together again. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Breakfast with Santa!

Every year on the Air Force base, we participate in Breakfast with Santa. They serve a yummy breakfast, (ok so it was from a box french toast sticks and sausage, the kids loved it), we get to go talk to Santa one on one and then take pictures in his sleigh. This year was even more special because the girls performed with their dance class. They were so cute in their pink leotards and pink tu-tus. It was a very fun morning.

Mackinsie is whispering to Santa that she wants a Cinderella. She was a little shy but after Mommy reminded her of what she decided she wanted to tell him she whispered it to him. LeOra ran in and told him quickly that she wants a Barbie Diamond Castle and the Peter Pan returning to Neverland movie. In fact she ran in so quickly to tell Santa this that we couldn't even get the camera out in time to take a picture of it. Then we took some pictures of the girls in Santa's sleigh.

Here are a few pictures of the girls working on their crafts that they had. They each got to make a bracelet and color an ornament.

We have a little video of the girls doing their dance but we can't figure out how to get the videos from our new camera to down load right. As soon as we do we will post them. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Quickly Growing Baby

I forgot to mention on my last post that while we were in Arizona Kirstin started to sit, crawl and pull herself up on everything she can. In fact, the first day we were home, I went in to get her out of bed and she was standing there, practically hanging over the side because I hadn't lowered the bed all the way down. I didn't think she would be doing that so soon. Needless to say, I lowered it immediately. It looks so cute to have her standing there when I come get her. She is getting way to big, way to fast.

Because she is down there already, we might as well put her to work. RJ called her our Cinderella Baby.Also this crawling has enable her to get into more mischief! Again, thank Heaven for shatterproof ornaments!

Wouldn't you like that Christmas present under your tree!

Because she is so cute, she doesn't get into too much trouble.

Her favorite toy is this little piano that she can sit at and pound away at that the stars light up.

She can play quite well among the chaos that is surrounding her.

Also this little girl took quite a liking to her Grandpa Pay. He was very proud that by the end of our stay there I could walk into and out of the room and she could care less. Quite an accomplishment for a baby who LOVES her mommy!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in Arizona

We headed off to Arizona the week before Thanksgiving and spent two weeks there helping Grandma Pay recover from knee replacement surgery and visiting family and friends from both sides.

We went to the zoo with the Ziegler side of the family. It was very fun and included feeding giraffes, ducks, and swans, the petting zoo, and a carousel ride. RJ almost hit a swan up side the head when it tried to bite Mackinsie. Don't mess with Daddy's girls! This is a self portrait of Kirstin and I, again, to prove that we were there! The Petting Zoo
Uncle Kreed and Luke.
Walking with Grandma Ziegler
Roasting marshmellows is always fun at Grandma and Grandpa Pay's house.
We took a tour of Cerreta's Candy Factory with Grandma and Grandpa Pay and Aunt Andy. LeOra made a chocolate pizza and Mackinsie got to make a chocolate christmas tree.

Then we helped Grandma and Grandpa Pay decorate their Christmas Tree. It was good practice for decorating our own. Thank Heaven for shatter proof ornaments!
A slumber Party with Aunt Andy is always tons of fun!! Thanks you for our matching PJ's. The girls love them.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Weekend with Cousins!!

For my kids, a weekend with cousins is the best ever! We live near some of our cousins and over the weekend, Kelli and her family came to visit us from Utah so there were even more cousins! We had a bon fire on the beach, a Santa Maria BBQ, and saw the monarch butterfly park. It was a lot of fun and it was so good to see Kelli and her kids. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First on our Halloween agenda was to meet DeAnne and her kids and Steve and his kids at the Village for some trick or treating. The Village is in old town Arroyo Grande and is full of little shops and restaraunts. All the owners sit in front of their shops while the kids trick of treat. There are tons of kids and it is lots of fun.
Doesn't Velma look like she is having a blast.

Belle is always ready to pose for the camera. Isn't she a beautiful princess!
The whole group...almost. Steve and his group had to leave before we got our act together to get a picture and Megan was passing out candy in front of Brisco's.
Reaping the rewards. And yes, Mackinsie's mouth is full of an entire Reese's peanut butter cup that she just stuck in her mouth.
Next we flew over to our ward party for some games and Trunk or Treating.

Here is our Supergirl!

Now she is trying to steal some candy from her sister's jack-o-lantern. Very sneaky!
Dorothy ran into the Wicked Witch at the Party!
Here is Mackinsie the next morning and yes she is still wearing her constume. Even as I am writing this she has yet to take it off.