Sunday, November 1, 2009


October was a very fun and busy month full of field trips at school, pumpkin carving and fairies.

(My pictures are not in order and I didn't feel like messing around with it. You will get the idea of what we did.)

These are pictures of us carving pumpkins. This year LeOra wanted to carve her own pumpkin and even got most of the seeds out herself. (If you remember last year this was a feat.) Anyway one funny story about the pumpkins has to do with LeOra. RJ carved a pumpkin that had fiery looking eyes and mouth. It looked very scary (not really but as scary as it gets in this house) Anyway the next night after RJ and I had put the girls to bed we noticed an addition to his pumpkin, a heart crown had been drawn on. When asked who added this lovely crown, LeOra responded, "I did. I thought it looked pretty." Only in this house full of girls would that happen!

Mackinsie and Kirstin got to draw on their pumpkin while daddy and LeOra carved theirs.
Yes that is fuzzy mold growing on our pumpkin. I forgot to take a finished product picture until yesterday. Oops!
Halloween Night
LeOra is Silvermist. She is one of Tinkerbell's fairy friends for those of you who have not seen the Tinkerbell movie. We also met her when we were in Disneyland. (I know I haven't posted about that yet. FYI, it was a lot of fun.)
Mackinsie is Elena from the Barbie Fairytopia movies.
Kirstin is Rosetta who is another one of Tinkerbell's fairy friends.

This is the group of cousins who gathered at the gift shop for some trick-or-treating in the village.

Kirstin in awe over the fact that someone put candy in her bag. Believe me, she caught on quick to the whole trick-or-treating thing and was leading the way.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor.

After the village we went to Aunt DeAnne's house for a yummy chili dinner then more trick-or-treating fun by her house. ( They give better candy up there!)

At the beginning of month LeOra's school class went on a field trip to Avila barn and I was able to go with her. It was lots of fun. They went on a hayride, ate apples off the tree, picked their own pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and then fed the animals.

A few weeks later I took Mackinsie and Kirstin to Avila barn as well so that they could have fun there too! We went with some of our friends from church. I think it was the first time Kirstin fed the animals and she thought it was so much fun. She just kept giggling every time they would take the food out of her hand.


JAEAEAJ said...

Your girls are so cute! I love checking this blog and seeing all the fun family times shared!~

Rand & Leah said...

I'm jealous your girls are still in shorts- it's full on winter here. I can't believe how big they are getting, especially Kirsten. We miss you guys, thanks for the update.

Veronica said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I can't get over how big Kirstin is now! Love the story of LeOra adding the heart crown to the pumpkin! Too cute!